Stowe House And Gardens

Last month I managed to visit a place I had been wanting to go to for a while, and that was Stowe House and Gardens. Based in Buckinghamshire it is part of the National Trust and is, in fact, an Independent School. The day I went was The Heritage Open Day which meant we got to experience it for Free.

Walking up the long path to get to the gardens was a little bit tiring, but when we got there I was blown away by the beauty of it. The gardens are vast with winding pathways leading to various buildings, statues, temples and bridges.

I loved having reached an area finding that there was a stunning view waiting for me that I would not have known had I not taken that path.

The girls enjoyed the freedom of having so much space to run around and also all these buildings to explore. There was just so much joy as both Mabel and Martha giggled their way around, which just melted my heart.


We even managed to go on a little tour of the House, which thinking back was probably a little bit silly with the girls because they just wanted to run off and join the students who were eating their dinner in the other room, but still, we did it, and my what a magnificent place it is.


Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite stories and here, at this place, I really felt as if it was going to come to life. I know, I’m a bit of a dreamer. Just looking out of the House, down the steps, across the lawn and lake towards the archway of the driveway, I don’t think a single breath came out of my mouth. It was just jaw-droppingly perfect.

Whilst I could have stayed in that place forever, there was lots more to be seen including the Gothic Temple. On this particular day, they had opened it up for visitors to have a look at. You can actually stay here because it is a guest house, well temple, with two double bedrooms up a spiral staircase and there is even a roof terrace.

I just can’t seem to praise Stowe enough because it really is such a special place to visit. Come the Spring/Summer next year I will most definitely be taking the girls back when they can really make use of all that space.

And you know what? I really can’t wait!


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