We Failed The No Spend Month, So Let’s Try It Again.

Over the past month, we had been trying to do a No Spend Month, but it did not go exactly to plan. I was in no way prepared for what was to come and how hard it was going to be, especially because it seemed that we had a lot going on that required us to actually spend money. I have to say we did FAIL miserably.

This time, October, we are giving it another go and I am going to be as prepared as I can be. It seems that organisation is key if we are going to have a successful month and I am hoping that will help with Mabel’s 3rd Birthday that is next week.

Here is how I am going to be organised for a No Spend Month:
1. Write down when all bills will be exiting our bank account. – This will show us when our payments are expected to be leaving our account to basically stay on top of it.
2. Create meal plans – I meal plan anyway but I would like to try and do cheaper meals within this month to cut some costs down and potentially save a little bit more.
3. Use up the food we have in our cupboard, fridge and freezer. – I have numerous amounts of different grains, pulses and pasta in the cupboard as well as lots of different things in the fridge/freezer to use up.
4. Write down what events are coming up. – If I plan out the events that are taking place in October then I can try and either organise things beforehand or put money aside for them.
5. Fill the car up. – If I make sure the car is full up on petrol at the start of the month then I can work out how much we use during a month-long period.
6. Plan days out that don’t cost money. – The girls are going to want to go to places and explore, so writing things down that don’t cost money means that we don’t have to panic or think about money when choosing where to go.

I can’t wait to see how this month pans out because we need to save as much as we can. November is our most expensive month of the year because it is when Doug’s train season ticket needs to be renewed, so any savings to put towards that helps an awful lot.
Fingers Crossed for a more successful month as it is very much needed, and then we can focus on Christmas, which is fast approaching it seems.
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