A Meaningful Gift Guide (Etsy)

It is always hard every year at Christmas to find the right gift for family and friends. While an expensive pair of shoes, a leather satchel, aftershave, the latest gadget are all great presents, I often find that it is the DIY projects like a hamper of someone’s favourite things or a family picture that has been framed turn out to be the best. Have you not heard that saying ‘its the thought that counts’.
You might think that it takes a lot of work and creativity to be able to do something like that which is why Etsy takes over the hard part. With so many sellers on the website, you should be able to find something that is handcrafted and has that personal touch for a range of interests and on different budgets.
Below I have listed some of my favourite items over on Etsy that will create meaningful gifts.
Christmas time can be extremely hard for people who have lost someone, especially in my family where my Grandad passed away a couple of weeks before Christmas Day. Having a personalised white feather in a bauble will mean a lot to so many people. As it reads on the ribbon “Feathers appear when angels are near”.
Unicorns and Mermaids seem to be a big thing at the moment and lots of people collect things to do with them. I especially love the humour on the glasses, “I wish I was a Unicorn so I could stab idiots” and “Of course I drink like a fish, I’m a Mermaid”. If you have a friend like I do that adores these mythic creatures and also loves wine then this is the gift for them.
3. Silver Heart with Fingerprint and Personalised Name Pendant. From £35.
When it comes to personalised gifts, and one that can include the children, like the fingerprint on this pendant, it is such a meaningful item that someone can treasure forever. With my husband, I think he finds it hard to buy for me so something as precious as this is a winner.
This is a new thing that I came across and I just love it. It is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift to mark a specific time or date such as the birth of a child, a wedding date or even someone’s first kiss. The illustration of the actual night sky as seen from any location, day and time on Earth can be between 1900-2100.
I have so many great photos of my girls that would look great as magnets, especially when giving them as a gift to family members. You can either give all 6 to people or use the same photos and add them to hampers.
What a lovely saying ‘First My Mother, Forever My Friend’ to give to all those special Mums out there. These mugs are not just for Mothers Day but to give it as a Christmas present or just a gift will mean the world.
Socks can they ever be meaningful, why yes they can, especially if they are coming from your grandchildren. These socks would make a wonderful gift for my dad from the girls especially because he loves to play golf. You can get it personalised to different wording if you wanted.
This is a wonderful gift for someone who loves to make their own products or just someone who loves to be creative. It can also work by buying the kit, making the candles and giving them out as gifts yourself.
I hope this helps with the Christmas shopping.

Which gift is your favourite?
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