Halloween 2017 – Trick or Treat

Halloween this year was somewhat different. You see we have not really taken part in this holiday, rather choosing to hide away in our house, but because of the girls, well Mabel, is at that age where she understands so much, we thought it would be wonderful to get them involved and throw them into it.

We took the girls to a neighbouring village to go trick or treating with their friends because I thought this would make it even more fun for them. I was surprised just how much Mabel got into and understood what to do just by watching what other children were doing, although we did have to tell her to only take one sweet as her hand delved in for a second or third time.

After clearing the houses of all their chocolates and sweets we headed to a local pub that was putting on a free disco from 7-8pm for the children to enjoy, which I thought was a lovely idea to end the evening.

Halloween has been so much fun this year for all of us as we have been able to spend it together as a family. Both Mabel and Martha were very lucky last night with all the sweets which I am sure will last them up until the next event of the year which is Christmas. Only 53 days to go. Yikes!

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