Youtube Space London With Britmums

I have been super excited about this event for a while and so when the day rolled around I was just giddy with excitement. You see I have been wanting to really get into Youtube and start creating memories I guess of all the things my family get up to. Being able to go to an event where I get to learn all the things I need to know before taking that leap really does make me feel incredibly lucky.
I have never been to any event like this before, not through making videos or by writing my blog, so this really did make me feel good about myself. Plus I got to meet so many lovely people, all who are in a similar boat, so it was nice to chat them and hey, I got to have a day out without the kids.

Usually, I would write a blog post about the day so other people can get an idea of what happened, but because it was learning how to Vlog and make Youtube videos, I thought I would try and create a video for you all to see.
I hope you like it and please Subscribe to my channel.

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