Advent Calenders 2017

A tradition I loved as a child growing up was the Advent Calendar. My brother and I just could not wait to open up a little window every day to reveal a small chocolate inside. Now having two girls of my own, that chocolate advent calendar tradition still lives on in my family and we are also trying out some new ones along the way.
There are many choices out there, what with companies bringing out there own, and it can get overwhelming of which ones to pick, but this year I feel we have really picked/been given some great ones.

This is what we will be opening up every day in the lead up to Christmas as shown by the Naughty Elves:

Milkybar White Chocolate Advent Calendar: With so many chocolate ones around I wanted something that did not cost a lot of money and had small chocolates in, so these Milkybar ones are perfect. I would have gone for different ones but because the girls know when they have something different, for argument’s sake, I just got them the sam

Kelloggs Advent Calendar: I loved this idea from Kelloggs as there is nothing better than starting the day with a good bowl of cereal. Each day the girls can open up a door to reveal a different Kelloggs cereal behind it and also a cute little message.

Kinnertone 3D Crayola Nativity Calendar: Another chocolate calendar but with a little bit extra to go with it. You get 25 chocolates as well as a pack of crayons, a stage and cutouts characters that the girls can colour in and put together to create their own little nativity.

Playmobil Advent Calendar: I have been wanting to get the girls this or something similar for a long time but I just could not justify paying out so much. Thankfully their grandparents bought it for them and I know they are going to love getting a new character or object every day. I just hope they understand to take it in turns.

What Advent Calendars have you gone for this year?

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