Teaching Children To Give To Those Less Fortunate At Christmas

The countdown til Christmas is firmly on, and while children are making wish lists for Santa, families filled with joy planning what will be happening over the festivities and that all-important magical day. There are some people and families who at this time of year are filled with dread and sadness because they can’t afford to have a Christmas. Families living in poverty not being able to put food on the table let alone being able to buy a present for their children.

At this time of year, I feel it is the right time to get my children learning about giving to less fortunate families. Of course, giving should be all throughout the year but for children to learn about the value and importance of giving to others who have less than them, this time of year is perfect.
If you look around your local area you will find Christmas projects ranging from the ‘Shoebox Appeal, ‘A Wishing Tree’, ‘Christmas Present Appeal’, ‘Christmas in a Box’ and even the local Food banks need help.
We will be getting Mabel and Martha involved in a couple projects such as ‘Christmas in a Box’ where we will be buying all the food on a list for a family to have over Christmas, donating items that are needed badly at the food banks, and finally finding a ‘Wishing Tree’ to pick the names of children that need a present for Christmas.
By making this a family affair will help to drive a sense of compassion, giving and understanding in the girls that will hopefully continue beyond Christmas. We hope that they then can appreciate what they do have and learn to save up their own money in order to buy the presents for others that need them the most.Please have a think about others less fortunate at this time of year, and if you can help in any way, however small you feel it is, will really go a long way for these people who at Christmas time are scared and struggling.
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