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I am someone who loves to know a little bit more about the people who write the blogs that I read, so this ‘100 things tag’ is perfect to get involved in. I have been tagged by the lovely Vicky over at Being Tillys Mummy to share with you 100 things you might not know about me.


1. What’s Your Name?
2. Any Nicknames Or Aliases? Nic
3. Your Gender? Female
4. Your Star Sign? Aries
5. How Old Are You? 30
6. Your Relationship Status? Married
7. Any Children? 2
8. Any Pets? No
9. Any Tattoos Or Piercings? I had my ears pierced as a child, then as an adult decided to get my navel and tongue done, but the latter 2 have been removed. Yes – I have tattoos. One down my right lower leg, one on my left ankle, one on my lower back, one on my right wrist, and finally one on the top of my back, which I have to say is my favourite.
10. What Do You Like About Yourself? That I am honest and caring.
11. What Do You Dislike About Yourself? I am impatient.
12. Righty Or Lefty? Right.


13. The Last Thing You Drank? Cup of Tea
14. The Last Thing You Ate? Granola and Natural Yogurt
15. Your Last Phone Call? To my husband letting him know about problems with the IKEA delivery.
16. Your Last Text Message? Sending my husband a photo of the IKEA furniture I did manage to assemble.
17. Your Last Email? Rugbytots letting me know to start thinking about rebooking for the next block of sessions.
18. The Last Song You Listened To? Maddie and Tae – Fly
19. The Last Book You Read? The No Spend Year by Michelle McGah
20. The Last Time You Cried? Last week. I was just having an emotional off day.
21. The Last Blog You Read? More Than Toast
22. The Last Person You Spoke To? My girls.
23. The Last Place You Visited? Sainburys
24. Your Last Holiday Abroad? September 2011 when I went to Milan with my husband (who was my boyfriend then at the time), to watch Formula 1 in Monza.


25. Have You Ever Gotten Back With An Ex? Yes
26. Have You Ever Been Cheated On? Yes
27. Have You Ever Cheated On Someone? Yes
28. Have You Ever Lost Someone Special To You? Yes
29. Have You Ever Been So Drunk You Threw Up? Oh, boy have I.
30. Have You Ever Fallen Out Of Love With Someone? Yes
31. Have You Ever Met Somone Who Changed You? My girls have changed me and my life.
32. Have You Ever Been In A Situation Where You Found Out Who Your Real Friends Are? Yes, I have a blog post about Re-evaluating Friendships After Becoming A Mother.
33. Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Probably Shouldn’t Have? Yes.
34. Have You Ever Found Out People Were Talking About You Behind Your Back? Yes, often. I prefer genuine people who can actually say things to my face.
35. Have You Ever Broken Someone’s Heart? No, I don’t think that I have.
36. Have You Ever Kissed A Stranger? Yes
37. Have You Ever Had Your Own Heart Broken? Yes. It really is not a nice feeling at all.
38. Have You Ever Had Sex On The First Date? I don’t think I have actually been on any dates.
39. Have You Ever Been Arrested? Yes, a couple of times. Sounds bad, doesn’t it.
40. Have You Ever Been Attracted To Someone That Isn’t The Gender You Usually Find Attractive? Of course, I have many girl crushes.
41. Have You Ever Done Something You Regret? I do have regrets but without them, I would not be who I am today.
42. Have You Ever Had A Threesome? I like to mix some gin, tonic and slice of lemon. That’s a threesome, right?
43. Have You Ever Embarrassed Yourself In Public? I have done on many occasions. The largest crowd I embarrassed myself to was at the Xfactor auditions in front of an arena of people plus the judges.
44. Have You Ever Misjudged Someone? I have and unfortunately, I still do, but I do learn very quickly if I am wrong.


45. Do You Believe In God? Yes. I don’t like to think this is it.
46. Do You Believe In Yourself? I do at times, but very often I don’t feel I have a grip on myself and the things around me.
47. Do You Believe In Santa Claus? Of course I do.
48. Do You Believe In Ghosts? Yes. At the moment my brother has a spirit in his house that actually moves and bangs things.
49. Do You Believe In Aliens? I believe we can’t possibly be the only planet in this whole universe that has life on it.
50. Do You Believe In Miracles? Yes.
51. Do You Believe In The Power Of Positive Thinking? Yes.
52. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? No. Love is something that will grow between two people as they build a relationship.
53. Can Money Make You Happy? No. It can only make life easier, but family and the people around you are what makes you happy.
54. Would You Describe Yourself As A Feminist? No
55. Are You Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? There are some reasons behind why people choose this option so I don’t judge them.
56. Do You Have Strong Political Beliefs? Not massively in this country but that’s because it really can’t compare to America having Donald Trump as a president. Such a Twat.
57. Do You Have Strong Religious Beliefs? I would not say strong. I mean I don’t go to church, but I have my beliefs.
58. What Do You Think The Most Important Thing You Can Give A Child Is? Love and Time. Loving them unconditionally and giving them my time so they know I am always there for them and have the time to listen.


59. Are You Eating Anything Right Now? No
60. Are You Drinking Anything Right Now? No
61. What Are You Listening To Right Now? The tapping of the keys on the laptop.
62. What Are You Thinking About Right Now? I wonder what time I will have to pick my husband up from the train station.
63. What Are You Waiting For Right Now? A text to say what time train my husband is on.
64. What Are You Most Excited About Right Now? Having my steak for dinner with a nice glass of wine.
65. What’s Your Pet Hate Right Now? People not being genuine.
66. What’s Your Favourite Thing Right Now? Being able to plan for our holiday.
67. If You Weren’t Answering These Questions, What Would You Be Doing Right Now? Probably being attacked by my two girlies. While I have been typing this blog post, they have been happily playing together.


68. Your First Best Friend? Can’t remember what age as I was very little but I remember he was called Joseph.
69. Your First Kiss? Can’t remember
70. Your First Celebrity Crush? Jason Donavon
71. Your First Holiday? I think it was to Spain.
72. Your First Pet? I can’t remember if it was the rabbit called Victoria that came first or the cockatiel called Casper.
73. Your First Regret? Not too sure.
74. Your First Job? Admin Assistant for a Recruitment Company when I was 18.
75. Your First Childhood Memory? Copying my mum while she exercised in the living room to Kim Wilde.


76. Love Or Money? Love
77. Twitter Or Facebook? Facebook
78. Hook Up Or Relationship? Relationship
79. Dogs Or Cats? Neither
80. Coffee Or Tea? Tea
81. Beer Or Wine? Both
82. Sweet Or Savoury? Savoury
83. Introvert Or Extrovert? Introvert in some situations
84. Vampires Or Werewolves? Neither
85. Seaside Or Countryside? A bit of both
86. Summer Or Winter? Autumn (not too hot or too cold)
87. Books Or Movies? Movies
88. Horror Or Comedy? Comedy. I absolutely hate being scared and movies that scare me are the worst. I wrote a post on this the other year how Halloween Is Great Fun But I Hate Being Scared.


89. Do You Wish You Could Change Your Past? No. I would not be where I am otherwise.
90. What’s Your Dream Job? I don’t have a dream job but I like working with numbers so an Accountant, plus I enjoy my blog so a Writer, and I am always on Rightmove so an Estate Agent. haha.
91. What’s Your Guilty Pleasure? A Baileys and I usually only buy a bottle at Christmas
92. What Are You Afraid Of? Being on my own
93. What Was The First Thing You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up? A Vet
94. If You Could Have Any Super Power, What Would It Be? Replication so I can make double of myself to help with household chores.
95. If You Could Change Anything About Your Life, What Would It Be? Have a degree in a better subject.
96. Would You Want Immortality? No
97. If You Could Interview Anyone Alive Or Dead, Who Would You Choose? Princess Diana.
98. Would You Say You Are Happy? Very much happy, but I do have off days as so do everyone else.
99. What One Piece Of Advice Would You Give Yourself At Age Eighteen? Don’t try and be someone your not. Embrace who you are.
100. Where Would You Like To Be In Five Years Time? In A Bigger House With Hopefully My Own Business.

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