3 Course Meal For Under £15

On the evening of New Year’s Eve rather than going out anywhere and spending lots of money before the new year started, I decided to cook a 3-course meal at home. I always opt for this idea because it means we can have a nice meal, spend time together and not have a hefty bill at the end.
I thought I would share with you the meal plan and how much it all came to so that if you are stuck for money and need to entertain you can do it on a lot less. All these recipes are from Jamie Olivers 5 Ingredients Cookbook but a couple of the ingredients I could not find so I bought things as substitutes, which worked out great as it made it cheaper. I did this shopping at Tesco.

(700g Baby Carrots £1.26, 1 Pomegranate £1.25, 120g Mint £1.25, 80g Feta 54p, 100g Wild Rice 27p, 100g Red Rice 31p) = £4.88 (£1.22 per person)


(800g Potatoes 43p, 700g Asparagus £4.50, 100g Plain Flour 4p, 30g Thyme 70p, 100g Parmesan £1.07) = £6.74 (£1.69 per person)


Walnut-Whip Affogato
(50g Dark Chocolate 50p, 20g Unsalted Butter 32p, 50g Walnuts 60p, 4 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream 44p, 2 Shots of Espresso – took 2 shots off for the girls so was cheaper at 44p) = £2.30 (58p per person)

Total: £13.92 (£3.48 per person) approximately

This Meal Plan was based on 4 people (2 Adults and 2 Children) and worked out really well. We had quite a bit leftover from the starter because the girls only had a small portion, but as to not waste anything I popped it into the fridge and had it for lunch the next day. Now I am excited to try out more recipes as well as adding my own touch to some of them because I do like to eat well for less.

*Note: You can do this cheaper depending on the amount you buy and where you shop at.

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