Decluttering Our House, Finances And Our Lives

We have come into 2018 with things we would like to achieve with our house, our finances, our life, so what better way to start the year than to really do a thorough declutter.

Decluttering this year for us is not simply clearing out our home, but all these steps below will be a way in which we can declutter our finances and our lives to make things simple, easy and stressfree. It will give us freedom both physically and mentally to focus on the important things in life. Our Family!

What we plan to do:

– Each week we will have a little rummage and get rid of a couple of items, that we don’t need of course, by either throwing it away, giving it to charity or selling it on eBay to make a few extra pounds. You see decluttering your old unwanted items can, in fact, make you money which is a great motivation to get things done. Check out my post on Declutter with Music Magpie.
– Have just ONE bank account. Doug and I have a joint bank account as well as each having our own. Everything that goes into our personal accounts gets transferred to our joint one so, in actual fact, there is no real need of them. It, therefore, makes sense and seems so much easier to have just One account and cancel our other ones and then we can concentrate on opening up a savings account.
– Set up a savings account. With interest on savings being so low we have been reluctant to put money into an account, but this year it would be beneficial to have money aside for the future. (I know this will mean we have two accounts but we won’t touch this one, hopefully).
– Clean out our email. By going through each email and subscription I can unfollow and unsubscribe on things that are just not of interest anymore. Hopefully each day rather than getting lots of rubbish emails, I will only get a couple that is of interest and this to me seems so much more manageable. This may take a while but if I do it when the girls go to bed on an evening then it means I can sit down with a coffee and I will actually get it done.

– Finally we will be getting some storage units. The girls received lots of lovely presents over Christmas but our problem has been we have nowhere to put them. We have a playroom that has toys scattered everywhere because they just don’t have a home, so I have found some storage units from IKEA, (cheap and cheerful), that will help keep everything together to keep me sane.

Declutter and clear your head as well as your home in 2018!
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