My 4 Favourite Money Saving Apps

I really love being able to save money each week by just doing my regular shopping. Previously I have used coupons and vouchers that I need to cut out and take with me to the shop to be scanned but with these apps below I have found I don’t really need to do that if I don’t want to. I can simply get cash back on items that I would usually buy, get free items, even make a little bit of extra cash and it is extremely easy to do.

There are many apps out there that can help you save money but these are the 4 I use regularly and it has really helped me save quite a bit of money and with the Music Magpie app we have managed to make some too.
This allows you to claim cashback on items you have bought from major retailers. Each week new offers get added for you to claim cashback from and all you do is upload your receipt. There are also sometimes offers that allow you to buy a product for free and once you have hit the £20 cashback threshold you can cash out for Free. I have received £162.77 cashback since I started using this app and that is only on my account.
2. Shopmium
Just like Checkout Smart, this app allows you to buy certain products and receive cashback on them by scanning the barcode of the item and uploading the receipt. You can also get free items on this app as well and once the receipt has been accepted the money goes straight back into your account. If you use my code KYUEFHMQ you will receive an extra Free treat.
Choose your coupons, buy the products in the supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose) and then upload a picture of your receipt for cashback. Simple. This app is another one that once you hit a threshold of £1.50 you can cash out into your Paypal or bank account.
*Note: You can buy an item that is on more than one of these apps and claim the cashback for it on each one. You must follow the rules on each app such as specific product, buying it from the right retailer, and uploading the correct receipt. My husband also has each of these apps as well which means I can make the most of the offers especially when it comes to Free items.
While the other 3 apps are saving me money on food shopping and household products, this app allows me to make some money from items that I no longer need around the house. The app makes it easy to scan the barcodes and book in a slot for a courier to pick up the items. You can sell CD’s, DVDs, Games, Books, Mobiles, Tech items, and even Lego. We have made £178.55 so far from sending 4 bundles of unwanted items.
What are your favourite apps that save you money or even make you some money?
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