Simple Couscous Salad

I thought I would share with you such a cheap, versatile lunch idea that I do so regularly for not just myself, but for my toddlers as well. It is quite possibly my favourite thing to have for lunch and if I get bored of using the same old ingredients then I can just change a couple of the ingredients or add some chorizo to spruce it up.
This Couscous Salad is great to have on its own or as a side dish with a main, but as I said, it is super easy to do and you can whip up a batch in minutes. Below is what I had on a typical day using leftovers but I have put the calculations down as to what the prices would have been if I had bought the ingredients from the supermarket, Tesco.

50g Couscous (1kg £1.35) 7p
1 Tomato (6 Salad Tomatoes 69p) 12p
1 Carrot 6p
10g Rocket (70g £1) 14p
40g Cheddar Cheese (450g £2.70) 24p
1/3 Red Onion (1 for 21p) 7p
Total: £0.70 approximately

This recipe I did for just one person but you can make a large batch of it and keep it in the fridge for your lunches for the week. At only 70p a portion it is a great frugal recipe idea if you want to have something different for your lunch.

*You can make this recipe cheaper depending on what ingredients you use, the amount you buy and where you shop at.*
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