Is She Ready For Preschool?

I don’t know what it is but time has gone by so quickly again, and here I am filling out an admissions form for Martha to attend preschool. The thing is when I was sending Mabel not so long ago, I knew she was ready to be independent, to learn, and to make friends. You can read about her first day over on my post Letting Go. Sitting here and looking at Martha I am questioning whether she is actually ready to go.

As a family, we talked about all the positives that go with our girls attending preschool from when they turn 2 (Martha will be 2 on 18th Feb) and by having Mabel be such a great model that confirms this, it is hard for me to even think about holding Martha back.

 Of course, from 2 years old we do not get any government funding and so pay for these sessions ourselves and they have been money well spent. I mean we would not have realised as quickly that Mabel was in fact behind in her speech and language skills, which I am happy to say she is now on par with her peers. Maybe Martha being at preschool will build that foundation of learning as well and she can be the independent crazy little girl I know she is, but I guess I just get blinded by her looking so small.

Doug did, in fact, say the other day ‘Is it shes not ready, or your not ready?’ It made me think whether I am treating Martha as being little because she is the youngest, but in fact, she is very much ready to go. Every single time I take Mabel, Martha just wanders in as if she is staying and seems to have no fear of just getting on with things.

 I guess the only way to tell is for her to attend, and do you know what I think the outcome would be?
That she is completely and utterly fine!
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