What Martha Got For Her 2nd Birthday

Martha has now turned 2 years old and with her being so close in age with Mabel, buying toys for her birthday has been very difficult. It seemed the things that I did want to get her, we either had or had something very similar which she has already been playing with. It has only been in the past week did I manage to find a couple of bits, but the rest of Marthas presents ended up being clothes, which she does need.

Here is what we got for Marthas 2nd Birthday
– Disney Rapunzel Toddler Doll £11.99 (Argos Clearance was £17.99)
– Cars 3 £11.99 (Argos Clearance was £31.99)
– Paw Patrol Blind Bag £1.49 (Argos was £2.49)
– Talking Darington Blaze and The Monster Machines £6.75 (Tesco was £17)
– TU Long Sleeved Top £1.20 (Sainsburys Sale was £3.50)
– TU 3 Pack Leggings £4.50 (Sainsburys Sale was £9)
– TU 3 Pack Leggings £4.50 (Sainsburys Sale was £9)
– Bow Dress £2 (Asda Sale was £9)
– Long Sleeve Top and Skirt £3 (Asda Sale was £12)
– Disney Minnie Mouse £6.29 (GAP Sale was £16.95)
– Red Floral Ruffle Top £5.59 (GAP Sale was £16.95)
– Black Denim Jeans £5.59 (GAP Sale was £15.95)
– Pink Sparkle Dot Leggings £2.79 (GAP Sale was £8.95)
– Floral Denim Dress £9.79 (GAP Sale was £24.95) 

Total £77.47 

Note: This should have all come to £195.72, but because everything was on offer I saved £118.25 which is a 60% saving.

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