Getting Involved In A Parent Committee Run Preschool.

If you would have said many years ago that when I had children I would be taking part in volunteering as part of a committee for a preschool, I would have thought, yeah right! Throughout my life, I have struggled with coming out of my comfort zone and it is something that I have/still work on every day. Rather than let this little feeling of being uncomfortable or scared form a roadblock, I challenge it and what I realise is that it opens up so many opportunities that life has to offer.

Becoming part of a committee for a small village preschool means everything because, without the parents around coming on board to try and move the preschool forward, it would just crumble. The outcome for us then would be to join a waiting list for a preschool further away, and not at all what we were after when it came to our girl’s educational development.

Parents coming on board to help make a preschool thrive offers so many opportunities such as learning new skills, meeting new parents, a feeling of giving back to the community, improving on the skills you have, or who knows maybe this will open another door into a new direction in your life. By becoming a part of this aspect of your child’s life will give you a different way of enjoying your family time.

Of course, many parents have busy schedules with home, work and school, that it might feel like you have no family time as it is whatsoever. But, with the technology we have now and careful planning over meetings etc, these days you can make some commitments fit around you. You will find that partaking in a committee is such a great experience both for yourself and your child.

Even if you don’t want to be heavily involved in the business side of running the preschool there are opportunities to volunteer with fundraising and even if that might still be too much, then supporting the preschool by going to the fundraising events or turning up to a meeting that is open to parents will make such a massive difference.

Both myself and Doug have only just recently come onboard the committee, but already it has been interesting in pushing our skills and I have never learnt new things so quickly. It has definitely given me some self-confidence back and I am excited for what the year will bring. Let’s hope we can keep this preschool thriving for many years to come.

I do really encourage parents to get involved and really connect with this part of your child’s life. If you too want to get involved in your little one’s preschool, then I would recommend speaking to them about whether they do have a parent committee because every preschool is different.

Do you get involved in your child’s preschool?
Does your preschool have a Parents Committee?

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