My 5 Favourite Daddy Bloggers

This world of blogging for me has been so amazing where I never seem to get tired of reading other peoples family blogs, or blogs in general. I have noticed that the majority tend to be women, but there are some fathers out there that also write blogs, and do a fantastic job of showing a different side.

So, as it is Father’s Day on 17th June, this Sunday, I thought a nice way to celebrate that would be to share 5 of my favourite dad blogs.

Dad Blog UK
John Adams started his blog after he became a stay at home parent in 2011 to Helen and Izzy, his 2 daughters. He chose to be the main carer and look after the household while his wife works full-time. With many awards behind him and I am sure many more to come, you can find him blogging and vlogging about all aspects of parenting through humour and the reality of family life.

Slouching Towards Thatcham
Tim is a father of three children, 2 boys and 1 girl. His blog is about the tales from the front line of fatherhood where his nostalgic reflections create for a great read. Not only that but Tim does a weekly podcast where other parenting bloggers can get involved by reading some of their favourite posts.

The Dadventurer
A 30-something bloke called Dave, blogs and vlogs about his adventures of being a stay at home dad to his 2 children. He started his blog in 2014 and has been sharing his experiences as well as some of the failings of becoming a dad ever since.

The Yorkshire Dad
Karl Young is married and has 2 little boys. He started blogging about fatherhood and family life in 2013 when he was up late at night doing a feed and suddenly came across the world of parenting blogs. Since then he has shared his personal experiences in hope that other people will be able to relate.

Tales Of Two Children
David has 2 children and blogs about family life, parenting, and how having fidget and little man have made an impact on their life and the world they have created together. It is the journey of having two children and how as parents they are a willing part of their story.

Don’t forget to show appreciation for your dad on Sunday.

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