Chores For A 2 And 3 Year Old

We are firmly in the Summer holidays and I have been wondering about getting Mabel, 3 and Martha, 2 to help with a couple of chores. It seems that no matter how hard I try to stay on top of things, it is never good enough, plus the girls enjoy being untidy. This is why I have thought that maybe getting them to do some chores will not only help me out but it will give them a sense of responsibility, independence and will help with their overall development.

Of course, it is easy to just continue doing things myself and let the girls do what they want, but teaching them to work towards something will be a great lesson for them in the future.

But what is appropriate for them to do? I have been watching the girls over the past couple of weeks to really get a sense of what it is they are able to do and understand. Then I have just picked 3 things each that will be easy for them to do.

Martha, 2 years old.

  • Put the Toys Away – Once Martha has finished with a game or set of toys she must put it away back in its place. She has to help tidy the toys away at preschool so I thought this one would be great for her to do at home as well.
  • Put Rubbish in the Bin – When a nappy is in the nappy bag, she has finished with a wrapper or some food has dropped on the floor, it must all go in the bin.
  • Wiping – This is to help me when I am cleaning surfaces as she will be able to wipe the table or help with the windows. She already enjoys cleaning the bath with a flannel so this should be easy for her to get to grips with.

Mabel, 3 years old

  •  Put the Toys Away – Just like Martha once Mabel has finished playing with something it needs to be put away again. Martha will be able to learn from Mabel where everything goes so it will hopefully turn tidying up into a game in itself.
  • Setting Up and Clearing the Table – By Mabel getting the plates and cutlery out for each meal allows me to concentrate on getting the food ready. The other day the girls plastic plates needed drying before we could use them so Mabel took it upon herself to sort that out. Then once everyone has finished with their meal Mabel has to put her plate on the side ready to be cleaned.
  • Laundry – Dirty clothes need to go in the washing basket and when it is time to put on a load Mabel will help put the clothes in and take them out once they have finished.

As the girls get older and can understand a little bit more of what they are doing, I will put up a chore chart so they can see what is needed from them during the week as well as a reward chart. Hopefully, with everyone pitching in it means that we have more time to play together or go out to explore fun places.

Do your little ones help with chores?

Do you do a reward chart or not?

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