Flavourly Craft Beer Box Review

I am not a massive fan of craft beer but I really wanted to try different ones to see whether I can learn to love it. Doug is a massive craft beer drinker and pretty much drinks any kind, so I thought it was about time to try the Craft Beer Subscription Box from Flavourly. For £25 per month you will receive 10 craft beers as well as some nibbles and a Flavourly Magazine telling you more information about the beers in your box. However, I do have an offer for you to get you first months box at a discounted price.

As everyone’s tastes are different the beer club allows you to choose whether you would like light, dark or a mixed box of craft beer. If there is something you loved or maybe did not like then you can review it on your account which then helps the team at Flavourly to put more of the beers that you do love into future boxes, or you can even buy it from the online shop.

Getting back to our box, when it arrived I was very excited to see what kind was inside and was surprised to see all of them were from the same brewery, Loch Lomond. I was also shocked that one of the beers had a high level of alcohol, 10% to be exact. Yikes!

The great thing about this box was that no beer was the same, even though they were from the same brewery, each one had such a different taste to the next. I did have a couple of favourite ones and it was the Loch Lomond Lost In Mosaic which had such a beautiful citrus taste that I really wanted more of it and the Helles Glen which also had a citrus and floral taste. Of course, with everything there were a couple I did not like, but you never know until you try these things, right!. As Doug and I were sharing them nothing went to waste and he thoroughly enjoyed being able to try so many different kinds of beers throughout the week.

If you or your other half love beers and enjoy trying new kinds then I cannot reccommend this subscription service enough. It costs £25 (which includes delivery), but if your use the code: AFCBC990 you will get 10 beers, a snack, a magazine for £9.90.

Note: Don’t forget to cancel the subscription after you receive your box if you no longer want to continue with it.

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