Our One Income Family Budget (July 2018)

The past month has been ticking along and now we have headed into the summer holidays means some costs do go up. I am just happy we have managed to not totally overdo it.

So here are our Real Figures.


Mortgage: £755 – We have been paying this amount for many years and is something that is very manageable for us.
Council Tax: £178 – This figure has now changed slightly from last year and is something we have to pay based on the size of home we live in. There are some households that are overpaying on their council tax so make sure, like we have, that you are in the correct bracket.

Water: £34 – Our water bill comes out every month and has now increased slightly. Of course, this figure could go back down if we continue to use less water.

Gas/Electric: £73 – We have switched a few times with different providers of our gas and electric to make sure we are getting the best deal for the amount we are using. The last company we used kept us on a low monthly payment which ended up seeing us in debt at the end of the year and having to pay a large lump sum.

Internet/Phone: £15.99 – This year we have paid our phone bill in one lump sum which you can check out from the January’s expenses, and now we have small monthly payment for the rest of the year for internet. The company we are using actually hiked up our bill without telling us so we have ended up with a refund for the increase.

Mobile Phones: £22.50 
– Doug and I buy our phones outright and then pay a sim only monthly deal (no contract) with a certain amount of free data and minutes/messages. It is £7.50 each package from GiffGaff, but on occasions on the 31st of the month, Doug’s next month’s payment would come out as well meaning we paid twice for him.

Credit Card (Includes Groceries and Petrol): £447.12 – This is so much better than in previous months and hopefully I can keep it down. It primarily includes groceries and petrol, but the odd payment from B & Q or Wickes can find itself on here. I must add that we pay this off in FULL every month.

Extra Groceries: £194.64 – Sometimes during the month we find ourselves having to nip out for some extra groceries that we may have run out of.

Petrol: £63 – We needed to top up this month on petrol as I have been driving about more.

Eating/Drinking Out: £245.44 – We like to go out and socialise or have a family treat each month and the girls really love it.

Home Improvements: £17.99 – We are going through this year trying to do as much to our house as we can as we will move house, so each month we might just have some home improvement costs.

Personal Money: £70 – Doug and I have an allowance each month so we have a little bit of freedom to buy some things we need or want for ourselves.

Children’s Items: £35 – With the summer holidays starting I am allowing some money to be spent on doing things with the girls and taking them to places. This money was spent on cuddly toys from the shop at Whipsnade Zoo.

Activities: £77.75 – Mabel takes dance and rugby classes each week. This payment was for Rugby tots that starts up again in September.

Events: £35.97 – When it comes to birthdays and events I try not to go over the top with buying costly items. This month we had a birthday party to go to.

Bike: £147.12 – Doug bought some parts to fix his old bike so it was at least rideable to get him to and from the train station. His new bike is still broken and we are trying to get our money back from the shop.

Train Ticket: £14.40 – Doug is not allowed to take his bike on the train anymore so he walks as much as he can too and from work, however sometimes he might need to catch the tube.

Parking: £10 – I had to get some money changed up to allow for parking at Mabel’s swimming classes.

Boiler: £229.20 – Our boiler needed a service as well as a couple of things needed fixing so it ended up costing us a little bit of money. As we are selling the house we needed to make sure everything was working fine and we always keep on top of servicing certificates.

Account Fee: £5 – This is our banks account fee that we pay every month, but like most things, we constantly look at other companies to see whether we are getting the best deal. 

Total: £2,671.12

This leaves us with £302.92 when we take it away from what we had coming in from Doug’s Wage, Child Tax Credits and Extras. This means we have money to put towards our new house.

See you again next month.

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