Back To Preschool We Go.

The Summer has ended and it is off back to Preschool for both Mabel and Martha. This year will be Mabel’s last one before she will go off to ‘Big School’ and Martha will have 2 years, but just like everything, time just goes by so quickly when they are young.

The girls have been super excited to head back to see their friends and to also get back into a routine. Having put both the girls into preschool from the age of 2 has been an absolute dream for them. It is very much their happy place and I just have no worries at all when they are there. It always shows when they come home exhausted from all the day’s activities.

When Mabel came home on Wednesday which was the first day back, she just could not stop talking about being a Pear, which is the name tag you get when you’re her age and starting school the following year.

And Martha. What do I say about her? She really has got herself stuck back into the swing of things, even managing to fall over before getting to the gate because she was running so fast.

This year will be exciting because the girls will be improving on their learning and development skills as well as growing even more independence, which is scary but will very much be a joy to watch. It is definitely going to be a wonderful year for them and very soon their preschool will only be a short walk away.

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