An Etsy Gift Guide 2018

The one thing I try to do at Christmas time is really put some effort into the gifts I am giving. Yes, it does take time because I want to get something unique, something they will just love, but also something that will not in any way break the bank. Christmas does not have to mean spending endless amounts of money on gifts you stumble across in a shop thinking ‘this will do’ because it is not about how much you spend. It is the thoughtful gift that you have specially picked out for someone that they will love and be meaningful to them.

I thought I would post up a few of my favourite gifts that I have found on Etsy to see if it will help with finding that perfect gift for your friends and family.

1. Jurassic Park Map £16.16
Ok, you’re probably thinking what on earth, how is this meaningful! Well, when my husband and I got married I walked down the aisle to a Jurassic Park song and so this map has meaning behind it as well as memories. You don’t have to buy this map but it is showing a film poster, or a picture of a place, can make the perfect gift if it means something to the recipient. Etsy has lots of different posters and pictures to choose from so I am sure you will be able to find that perfect gift.


2. Literary Teas £8.95
Anyone who loves to delve into a good book drinking a nice warm cup of tea will love this gift. With lots of authors to choose from and a choice between tea leaf and tea bags, it will cater to many.


3. Date Night Ideas £14.95
This little box of romantic gestures will allow you and your partner to really spend time together. As we all know when children come along usually the date night just disappears so what a lovely meaningful gift this will be to spring it back to life.


4. Dandelion Necklace £15.99
This necklace is the sweetest thing I have seen and the great thing is it can be a gift for young girls as well. I am not really a jewellery person but there are some unique pieces out there that I would love to own and this really looks special. You can choose the length of the chain and also whether you would like it in brass or silver.


5. Be The Light Candle Holder + Tea Light £10
Christmas time is full of cosy evenings by the fire and what a lovely gift to give to someone who enjoys just that. This tea light holder will look perfect on the side or on someone’s desk, plus it comes with a tea light as well.


6. Friendship Mug £13.99
This is a sweet mug with a beautiful quote ‘People walk through our lives but only true friends leave footprints on our hearts’. This gift is perfect for that special friend who has, will and will always be a part of your life.


7. Personalised Book – Behind The Magic Door £19.99
Young children are really not fussed whether they get a toy that might be second hand or a really expensive one. This book even though it is a little on the pricey side will really have any young child enjoy the story inside because it is personalised to them.


8. Empty Seat Decoration £6.95
For many Christmas time is about remembering those who are no longer with us. For me, I lost my Grandad at Christmas time 4 years ago and it is nice to have something that means you will always be in our thoughts. This empty chair decoration is such a wonderful and emotional gift to give to someone.

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