And Just Like That, Mabel Turned 4.

Another year has gone by, Mabel is another year older, and yet again I am thinking where on earth did this year go.

On the 11th October, Mabel turned 4 years old. Now usually I would have her wait a little bit before opening up all her presents, but due to Doug leaving for work at 7 am, I thought it best for her to do whatever she wanted. So with all the excitement, Mabel ripped open present after present and managed to get it all done before daddy left for work.

With her birthday falling on a Thursday meant it was a morning of running around. Martha needed to be dropped off at preschool, then Mabel had her swimming class, and then it was straight back to pick up Martha. With the morning being busy I thought it would be a nice surprise for nanny and grandad to come over to have pizza and cake with us to celebrate her birthday.

Due to the house move, we were not able to give Mabel a party right away but instead waited a few weeks when we knew we would have settled in a little bit more to invite people over. It was a very long few weeks as each day Mabel would ask if it was her party yet, or how long till her party? When it did finally roll around I could not have asked for a better day for her. Yes it did rain, and yes the pizza making idea was not the best executed, but that did not matter. All Mabel wanted was a day that was about her where she got to play with her friends, show them her house and eat lots of junk food and cake. I have to say it was chaotically perfect.

Thank You to everyone who came to her birthday party, for all the presents and cards she received and all the lovely messages that were sent online. She is already planning the next one, but let’s just get Christmas and the rest of next year out the way first.

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