Mabel And Martha’s Favourite Place Is Pinchmill Preschool.

Back in May, I wrote a post on getting involved in a parent committee run preschool and how amazing it has been to be a part of this aspect of the girls learning development.

I thought I would write about the actual Preschool the girls go to as they have been instrumental in the way the girls are growing up to be such creative, loving, independent young girls.

Pinchmill Preschool is in such a beautiful setting that it really gives the children a sense of space and being in the country. The highly qualified staff provides exceptional childcare in a safe, secure and happy environment for children aged 2 years and upwards. “The children are encouraged to choose and lead their own play with the staff following and using their own knowledge to teach each child within the moment of their play.”

Children learning through play allows them to develop many skills from language and emotions, to creativity and social skills. They are able to work out what their abilities are and use that to help build upon their self-esteem. I have seen Mabel and Martha learn how to interact with both children and adults alike as well as they are learning what it is that interests them. At no point have the girls refused to go to preschool, it is very much the opposite where they just cannot wait to go. Having them be so excited about preschool just confirms to me what a fantastic place Pinchmill preschool is and how attentive the staff are to the children.

Both Mabel and Martha have been slightly behind with their speech and language skills, which Pinchmill Preschool had noticed very quickly, so with the help of the staff we have been able to get the girls back on track. You would not notice at all that Mabel was behind because her speech, language and her understanding of everything has rocketed. I can honestly say that if the girls went to another preschool or nursery I do not think they would have picked it up and therefore the girls would have been struggling.

Children grow up way too quickly so at preschool it is great to see Mabel and Martha having fun and just enjoying being a kid. At this age, it is important that learning is fun so they would want to do more of it. Each day, each activity then becomes an adventure in which they enjoy.

Having Pinchmill preschool be such an ‘outstanding’ preschool (3 years consecutive rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted) makes me feel so lucky that I found them, chose them and that we have been attending for 2 years now. I can’t picture the girls going to any other place and it will be sad next September when Mabel goes to ‘Big School’, but I am thankful that for now, the opportunity the girls have in learning in a warm, positive, caring, safe environment will be what sets them up for the next step.

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