What Mabel Got For Her 4th Birthday

Last year I made sure I had not paid full price for a single present, unfortunately, this year has been quite busy. I did manage to get some bargains an also find something extra in my parent’s loft to add to the collection. Is it bad to regift a toy you had as a child? Anyway, she loves it and I have more in store for Christmas to get the cost of presents down.

This is what Mabel got from us for her birthday.

– Kinetic Sand Sandcastle Set £0 (Argos part of the 3 for 2, was £17.99)
– Jumbo Snakes and Ladders Game £2.99 (Home Bargains)
– Fabulous Fun Park, Mimi and The Goo Goos £0 (This was mine when I was little so I thought rather than buying something similar, that it would be nice to give Mabel this instead. Back in 1994-1996, this set my parents back £27.50 as it still has the price tag. Imagine what the cost would be today for something similar)
– The Red Power Ranger £1.70 (Asda Sale was £14)
– MLP Guardians of Harmony Tempest Shadow £3.99 (Home Bargains)
– Walking Dog £7.99 (Home Bargains)
– My Fairy Garden Magic Bean Pot £3.99 (Tesco Sale £7.99)

Total: £20.66

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