A ‘Magical’ Christmas with Lapland Letters

As the girls are growing up, each Christmas becomes more and more exciting for them. They start to learn and believe in the ‘magic’ of Christmas.

This year I am lucky to be able to surprise the girls with personalised Fantastical Lapland Letters along with a couple of extra treats.

These letters are unique to each child in so many ways that it makes Christmas even more believable. The letter we received is designed beautifully and with it comes a bumper activity pack, personalised chocolate bar, a Good List certificate, 2 wishing stars and a Lapland envelope with the Lapland postal stamp, which was all delivered directly to our door.

You can order online and just sit back, relax and watch the magic start as soon as these letters arrive on your doorstep. It is £5.95 for The Santa Letter, Santa Map, Envelope and Postage. The Santa Bumper Activity Pack including at the moment a Free Good Child’s Certificate and 2 Wishing Stars is an extra £2.95. The personalised chocolate bar is £3.95 and you can also add on Reindeer food too at £3.95.

I ordered 2 letters, one for each of the girls, but unfortunately, Mabel’s had taken a wrong turn in Father Christmas’s workshop and so was lost amongst all the toys. As soon as I brought it to Lapland Letters attention they were straight on it making sure Rudolph had it for his next flight.

What I like about these letters is how you can choose between 3 options of the letter and it gives you the examples of how it will turn out. You can also personalise it from choosing which you prefer Santa or Father Christmas, the child’s name, best friend, what they would like for Christmas and even at the end you can add your own message. It really is grasping at the magic and making Christmas a wonderful time from as soon as that letter arrives.

To make it even more believable what we did was get the girls to write a letter to Father Christmas and burn them on the fire, in the morning in its place were the Lapland Letters. When I mentioned to the girls that it had a Lapland stamp, it looks like it is from Father Christmas, the squeal that came out was of pure joy. Upon reading the letter and giving them their certificate of being on the ‘Good List’ it was onto the activities that the girls could have some fun with. Plus each of the girls got a lovely chocolate bar and it really looked like it was sent from Father Christmas.

Overall these letters have been fantastic and made this year one to really remember.

*I received these Lapland Letters for Free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*

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