We As A Family Will Be Giving To Those Less Fortunate At Christmas Time.

Last year I did a post on how we were teaching the girls to give to others less fortunate at Christmas, and I thought yet again to highlight it.

We will be doing the same as what we did last year where I have saved up lots of nectar points in order to spend them on getting the contents of food to fill a ‘Christmas in a Box’ for a family to have food for Christmas Day. Plus we will buy things from the Food Banks list of items that they are in desperate need of.

Also, again this year we will be going to ‘The Wishing Tree’ to pick the names of children off it and go and buy them a toy so they have something to open on Christmas morning. Last year the girls were young but Mabel did grasp we were buying something for another child. This year her understanding is going to be even more paramount as she really grasps the concept that there are other children that may not wake up on Christmas morning to see a present waiting for them from Father Christmas. And it is not because they have been naughty.

 I want them to understand how lucky they are and Christmas is not about getting stuff, or even having an extravagant meal, but about giving to those less fortunate, family and love. I want the girls to be aware that not everyone has a roof over their head, clothes, toys, both parents, food, water, the list goes on. That there are families struggling to make ends meet and people who are all alone for Christmas, and by us giving and doing what we can will help a lot.

So this Christmas before you set off for your Christmas food shopping, have a look online or get in touch with the local food bank and see what it is they desperately need at this time of year, or maybe you have some time at Christmas to help out at a soup kitchen, or find charities or companies that are collecting toys for children who are in need. Even just one thing will mean all the difference to someone who might otherwise be without.

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  1. December 8, 2018 / 9:29 am

    I love seeing people who give to those less fortunate. Good for you guys.

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