Martha Has Had Us A Little Worried This Week

This week has not started out that well and I have fallen behind with all the things I wanted to write and upload, plus I have a long list of jobs to do around the house and I am still trying to fit in booking a holiday. Well, the reason behind this is that Martha has had us a little worried.

She has a rotten cold which is making her feel a bit sorry for herself, but the worrying issue was the large swelling on her lower eyelid, which has just been getting bigger and bigger. We had seen the doctor at the beginning of the month who prescribed some ointment, but that had not worked, so Martha was referred to see a consultant at the Eye Hospital.

The consultant reassured us that it was a blocked duct (we already knew this as she has had one before, but she was referred because of how infected the eye had got) and they do usually go on their own, but it did look a little aggressive. We are now on a month countdown with some new ointment to see if this can shift it before the final option of Martha having a general anaesthetic to have it cleared.

We are very optimistic that it will go, or at least decrease in size by then, but also we have the reassurance that if it doesn’t there is something that can be done that will not cause too much discomfort.

Now we just need to get rid of the rotten cold and get her back on track running around and playing with her friends at preschool. This is where a lot of snack food is helping to achieve that, although it is not helping my waistline.

Has anyone experienced this type of blockage in their children’s eye?



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