5 Family Films To Watch On Netflix During Half Term

If your anything like me half term can become quite exhausting as you have to entertain the children constantly. I mean it is great that you don’t have to get up and rush around in order to leave early to do the school run, but try telling that to the children who still get up at the same time and expect you to be on the ball from the off.

Having both the girls at home is amazing as we can go out and make lots of memories, but each day I need an hour or so to myself to get housework done, have a shower, cook dinner, etc. This is where having lunch in front of a film, picnic style, or having a snack comes in to play. The girls have only started to get into films and will now sit and watch the majority of it if not all, which allows me to have that time to get the house and myself in order to catch the last part of the film with them.

Here is a list of the films that Mabel, 4 and Martha, soon to be 3 enjoy watching and just might help you out when you need a little bit of time.

This is a funny film with great characters such as Buster Moon the Koala, who tries to save his theatre by putting on the World’s Greatest Singing Competition. The girls love dancing and singing around the living room to the catchy pop songs which are throughout the film. It keeps the girls entertained whilst also sending a positive message of believing in yourself.

2. How To Train Your Dragon
This is one of the best films the girls have watched, probably because it has a little bit more depth to it. A teenager, Hiccup,  must prove himself to be a true Viking by fighting dragons. However, he befriends an injured dragon and tries to change the course for his people’s future. The storyline is easy to follow with a couple of things that might need to be explained to young children, but the characters draw you in very quickly. It is a refreshing film and a massive hit with Mabel and Martha.

3. The Secret Life Of Pets
Martha is obsessed with dogs so this film is right up her street. It has Max, the terrier who does not like it when his owner brings home a giant dog to stay. On a walk, they both get into a sticky situation in which they will have to learn to get along. The story of pets getting up to mischief behind the owner’s backs is a funny thing for the girls to understand and the little quirks they give each pet is well thought out. There are a couple of sad, or possibly scary parts for children under 5 but we have never had a problem.

4. Gnomeo and Juliet
I think you can guess what the film is about, it is a love story of Romeo a blue gnome and Juliet a Red gnome that try to overcome obstacles in order for them to be together, whilst the rest of the gnomes argue over whose garden is the best. It is a lovely film and very easy to watch for the girls as they can laugh at some of the humour, whilst also throwing in great songs from Elton John.

5. Spongebob Squarepants
I am pretty sure most parents know who SpongeBob is but if not he is an enthusiastic yellow sea sponge that lives in the city of Bikini Bottom. In the film, he and his starfish best friend embark on a quest to clear the owner of the Krusty Krab Restaurants name. It is such an easy film to watch and with the girls already knowing the characters, it makes for a peaceful time.



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