Our Weekend Away To Dublin Was Not What We Expected.

Over the weekend the hubby and I managed to have a City escape, child-free, to Dublin. 3 nights of only looking after myself is meant to be pure bliss, right? Well, I found myself after the first day not enjoying this little trip away and in fact, wished I had spent the money on a family holiday.

Our first day in Dublin was really nice and we went to the Guinness Storehouse, which I highly recommend, and there I had my first pint of Guinness, ever. It was lovely sitting in the gravity bar looking out over Dublin and just enjoying the view. From there we briefly ventured to Pheonix Park, but as it was really big and the other side of where we needed to be, we only took a quick walk before heading along the river to the centre.

Temple Bar is very much a tourist place in the middle by the river but we could not go there and not venture into the actual The Temple Bar for a drink. There is one word to describe this place and that is ‘Crazy’. Yes back in the day before children and all things grown up this would have been a great place to be, right in the hustle and bustle of this very loud bar, but for us, it was just too much.

As we are not the clubbing, out on the town kind of people, we were always back at our hotel incredibly early and watching whatever we could on our TV. That was the other thing, I contacted the hotel Clayton Hotel Charlemont ahead of time to see if there was anything they could do to make our hotel experience special, but of course, as expected received nothing but a hotel room that was really not up to 4* standards and a TV that had hardly any channels because there was a server issue. It really put a downer on the whole weekend but at least the breakfast was good.

It just seemed that Dublin was overrated on our part or just there had been lots going on back at home and we also missed the girls. Apart from walking around (Trinity College, The Docks) which is something we enjoyed and having a nice sharing platter at a pub watching the England Rugby game, we just felt it was a waste of a whole lot of money. I mean our last day we had enough and went to the airport early to people watch because we were just eager to get home.

Now I am not saying Dublin isn’t great, don’t go there. For us, for whatever reason, or a combination of things, we just did not have a great weekend at all. So now I have come back home, got back into the routine, and very much feeling a lot happier, oh and also I am looking to book a Family Holiday to enjoy some Sun, Sea and Sangria.

I am hoping this time around I will enjoy getting away.

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