I Lost My Way With Blogging

For the past few months or maybe even longer I have felt like I have really lost my way with blogging. I don’t know if it is because I have been busy with the girls preschool (as I am on the parent committee), not being as organised as I should be, or just that I have felt overwhelmed with a combination of things.

In order to change this, I have thrown myself back into how I started my blog and that was by use of writing things down using pen and paper before typing anything up. I have also been thinking back to why I started my blog in the first place over 4 years ago and reconnecting with that feeling I had in creating an online journal, and documenting the journey that we have been going on. Of course, my blog has changed in many different ways since it first started but it has captured and still does our family.

There are many aspects I need to work on to create an organised blogging schedule and trying to stick to it, but I have found taking a step back to re-evaluate things has really helped. It doesn’t matter where I rank in the blogging world, nor does it matter if I only have 1 reader (hello mum), all that matters is that I still do my blog for me.

I have gradually been getting the passion back and it really has come at the right time because we have so many exciting things coming up that I just can’t wait to share, from going on our first family holiday abroad, Mabel starting school in September to the HUGE extension and renovation of our whole house to get underway.

So the journey ahead is full of some interesting things and I am just pleased to be able to get that feeling back that I had at the very beginning when my blog started.

What is it that you do when blogging takes a backseat to get yourself jumping back into it?

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