Martha Has Amblyopia

A couple of weeks ago, Martha, had her checkup at the eye hospital to see if her blocked tear duct was getting better and to also have a repeat eye test. The last time it was noted down that she was struggling to see out of the infected eye, but it could have been for a number of reasons.

Jump to now and as you can see Martha now has glasses. Even though the tear duct is getting better and she now has oral medication for that, it was discovered that she has Amblyopia, in other words, a lazy eye. She struggles to focus on things with the bad eye and so it moves around a lot when the good eye is covered up.

Amblyopia is where the eyesight hasn’t developed in one eye. This is caused by the brain not connecting to it. The brain has developed a preference for the stronger eye, which in turn has altered the connection to the weaker one. By use of glasses, which helps fix the discrepancy in the eye of seeing near and far objects, and the fact Martha is still only 3, the brain should be able to be trained to start using the weaker eye again. If it does not work the next step is to use an eye patch for several hours a day to force the brain to connect.

It seems after doing research and still continuing to do so in order to know all I can, it should all be fine because we found out early on. Without the blocked tear ducts I am not sure I would have noticed until I took her for an eye test. It has really pushed me to book Mabel in to get hers checked, especially before she starts school in September.

I advise others who have not yet had their children’s eyes checked to do so because it is common with 1 in 50 children developing a lazy eye. With Amblyopia the sooner it is discovered the better chance it can be ‘fixed’, but after 8 years old it is uncertain if treatment would be effective.


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  1. March 17, 2019 / 1:58 pm

    Wow I had no idea just how common this was! Brave girl!

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