Martha Turned 3

A few weeks ago we celebrated Martha turning 3 years old. Yes, that’s right I now have a 4 and 3-year-old. Crazy. It was emotional because 3 seems so much older than 2 plus Martha has this grown-up sarcastic personality. However, she is still my baby.

When it came to what to do for her birthday I thought I would struggle. I have never been very good at really knowing what to do or how to spend birthdays, but this year Martha had that covered. She wanted a party. She had been to many parties herself and watched her sister have them, but she had not experienced having her own party before and it was all she wanted. Now, we haven’t been mean parents and not thrown her one, but we have always done something as a family or I have taken the girls out to celebrate. Now, at this age, Martha has friends and of course, a party would be a wonderful idea.

I often find birthday parties are hard work but we ended up having such a lovely day filled with balloons, cake, a treasure hunt, oh and of course the lovely friends and family that came. She was indeed spoilt by all the lovely thoughtful gifts and had the ‘best day ever’. It is exactly what she said which made me cry with happiness to know she really did have a great day.

So, now my little one, my baby is 3.
On to yet another year.

Here are some photos from her birthday party……

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