3 Ways To Use A House Move To Declutter In A Hurry.

Moving house can be a pretty daunting experience, no matter how you go about it. You’re leaving a place that has been a comfort and familiar environment, and are heading off to an “unknown territory” in a bid to redefine your life and the family home.

I know that when we moved house just before Christmas it was very much a stressful time but it also gave up all kinds of positive opportunities, which is part the reason why we moved in the first place.

One of those great opportunities that come with moving homes, is that you have a great excuse to declutter and get rid of any extra possessions that are not needed anymore, in a hurry. 

Instantly discard any junk or unwanted items as you find them, during the packing process

When you’re moving house, you will have to sort through all your belongings and pack the ones that you want to take to the new house.

A good start at this stage of the process is to discard and clear out any junk or unwanted items that you come across, as you find them. Put them aside and take them down to the local dump or charity shop when you get a free moment. It does take a little bit of time away from packing but it is worth it when there are fewer boxes and bags to take to the new house.

Do not, on the contrary, just stuff those items into boxes and decide that you will “go through them” at your new house because you won’t.

Move anything you’re unsure about to a self-storage unit for a while and see how things stand

There will be some items that you come across that you struggle to make a decision on. If there is not a clear answer to whether it is a “keeper” or not then you can prevent it from interrupting the moving process by renting space in a self-storage unit, through a company such as Magenta self storage, and dealing with it a little bit later.

There are some benefits to doing this. For one thing, you’ll be able to see how it feels living in your new home without that item. Then, when you do visit the storage unit, you will be able to see the items from a “fresh perspective” and see how you feel about them. You might find that you do have an emotional connection and therefore keep the item, or then again, you might find you want to get rid of it instead.

Decorate your new home in a way that makes you feel genuinely good about it – and think long and hard about what to do with anything that doesn’t fit

Your home should be a place of relaxation, security and a sanctuary for you – a place where everything serves a purpose and complements everything else.

So, when you arrive at your new home, decorate it in a way that makes you feel genuinely good about it. Then, think long and hard about the items that do not fit into that “style”. If a particular item just doesn’t seem to “fit,” it could be a sign that you need to move things around, or it could be a sign that maybe you should reconsider and in fact get rid of it.

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