House Renovations: Planning A Single Storey Rear And Side Extension Plus Renovations Of The Existing House

When we were searching for a new house last year I had a dream of what it was going to be like and what it was I wanted. The thing is I soon realised that what I wanted was not out there, but in fact, we would have to buy a property and renovate it in order to get it. It led us to the house we ended up buying which already had planning permission which upon looking at the plans was everything I had envisioned.

This move, which is our second home, we are hoping will be our last. We have been saving up to do this major extension and renovation plans sooner rather than later in order for us to be able to have many years to enjoy the house and make it our forever home.

Also when it comes to planning permission you may find that it comes with clauses, which ours did. We have to start the work within 3 years from the date of the planning approval and also we have to get an Archaeological Mitigation Strategy done before we can build. The latter is a big issue because we have to get an Archaeological Team out to go through the earth that has been dug ready for the foundations to check that there are no artefacts. This can be time-consuming and expensive as it can run into several thousands of pounds depending on if they find anything or not. That is money gone before you even start the build. Unfortunately, it is something that we have to get done if we want to do the extension, which we do, and just hope all runs smoothly and we get the letter with a green light to go ahead with the build.

So you might be wondering what we are planning to change? Well, a simple answer is everything. There will not be a single room that won’t have some sort of work done to it, but the major work that will be going ahead is 2 extensions. One to the rear of the property which will be 5.5m x 3.5m and will also include knocking down internal walls to create an open plan kitchen, dining and living room. This room will hopefully be the ‘wow’ room and create the heart of the home. The second extension will be around 8.5m x 4.5m and will become a large Master Suite with Ensuite and Walk In Wardrobe. What is already the kitchen will become a Utility Room, Shower Room and a Coat Closet. The Snug (which was the Living Room) and the Study (which was the Dining Room) will get new flooring, plastering and log fire. Then the rest of the rooms will have a rejig to create 3 Double Bedrooms and a Family Bathroom.

Timings of everything is important as I like to be organised and know when things are happening. With the plans being basic we are having more detailed plans drawn up by a local Architect which of course is more money and will be booking in the Archaeological Team to come in as soon as possible as it can take a while to complete. With the builders, we are getting a couple more quotes in order for us to make a sensible decision as the first quote we got blew our budget. It could be a case of we save more money or break the renovations down into stages inside the house as that does not have a time constraint on it.

I am hoping to document everything as we go through these major changes and also I will break down the pricing of everything. That was one thing I struggled with when budgeting because not many people, well hardly anyone, gave information as to what things cost. Hopefully, I can spread some light on a few things and I hope you will enjoy going along this journey with us creating our dream home

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