Julie May Luxury Postpartum Lingerie Review

This week I was kindly sent an item from one of the Julie May collections of comfort, shapewear and postpartum lingerie. Now since having 2 children one thing that I did not own anymore is a piece of lingerie, but now I have one gorgeous set of bra and girdle that will really help my confidence and quite possibly some postpartum issues too.

Julie May provides quality bras, bodysuits, girdles, knickers, that you can wear for different occasions. Their quote “Never compromise on things that don’t feel good!” is very much true to life. As a woman you want to feel relaxed, comfortable as well as liberated and confident each and every day. Each of their products is designed with quality in mind and that shows with the natural materials of Silk and Pima cotton that they use. They are designed to not only look good and feel comfortable but help postpartum bodies recover with different styles focusing on different areas.

 So what set did I go for – It was the Flowery Silk Sports Bra with the matching Girdle. With this set, in particular, I was super excited about because the bra is said to help with back support and the girdle has a tummy control zipper, which for me is perfect to try and help my muscles come back together after they all tore apart 3 years ago when I gave birth to my second child.

After I received the items I thought they looked really nice and the feeling of the material was smooth to the touch. Upon holding them up I was a bit nervous about the sizing. When you order things online sizing is the one issue for me to get right. Companies use different measurements and it can get frustrating. But upon putting the bra and girdle on, I did not need to worry because the Size 12 I had gone for fitted perfectly.

I loved how the bra felt and with it being similar to a sports bra made it comfortable to wear all day. With the cross-compression on the back to give support, I noticed that it made my posture change, for the better. This was the same with the girdle. Yes, it was tight to get on at first because it was like putting on Spanx, but once on fitted to my body. Once I zipped up the middle I knew this would be helpful for my stomach muscles. I wore these all day too even going out to do my shopping in them, with clothes over the top of course.

Overall I have been pleasantly surprised and feel that for the first time in 3 years, I have something that might just about work with my postpartum body, but not only that, make me feel confident when wearing it. Just because you have had children does not mean you can’t feel sexy again and even if you need a little help with your postpartum body don’t rule out being able to wear luxurious lingerie. Just check out Julie May as they cater for many body types of many sizes and remember to “never compromise on things that don’t make you feel good”.

* I received this Flowery Postpartum Lingerie Set from Julie May for Free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.*

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