Key Ideas For A Practical Dining Room

Do you have a dining room or is it something that you would want in your home? For most they spend time looking for houses with dining rooms when looking to purchase a property, thinking that it might give more space and mean that you eat together as a family. You might picture yourself having fancy dinner parties, and sitting eating breakfast together as a family, with multiple choices on the table and distractions like your phones and the TV left out of the room.

In reality, it is quite different. Dinings rooms are often used on special occasions and more commonly than not used as a storage room. If your dining room is like that, or you want to get into a habit of using it more, then below are some ways that you can turn it into a functional and stylish space.

Open it Up

One of the main problems with a dining room is that it is closed off on its own and therefore can shut the door and not even think about using it. A good idea in using the space and making a statement is to open it up, which might include knocking down a wall to make it part of a kitchen or lounge. In our first house, our kitchen was big enough to put the dining table in and it was such a great entertaining space. In our current home, we only use the dining room a few days a week, which is why we are going to be renovating to get the kitchen diner we want. If money is tight then just keeping the door open will create a flow, or we have a hatch to the kitchen that we open to make it feel we are still connected.

Keep it Bright

You might think that dining rooms in large houses are dark and expensive rooms filled with heavy textures, large wall hangings and furniture. While this can look exquisite in some houses, it might not be right for a smaller home dining room. Instead, keep things bright. Make the most of natural light by using light curtains, textures and making the walls bright. Using light wood furniture can also help to make the room look more open and inviting, but don’t be afraid to use a splash of colour which can make the room look fun and less formal. Our dining room is light and bright but with really dark stone flooring that makes it seem darker than it should be. A simple idea of relaying a light oak flooring will really be effective to make it brighter.

Make it Comfortable

Just like your Living room furniture, your dining room should be comfortable. If you have seating that is hard then you won’t want to sit and eat meals there when you have a large comfy sofa in the next room. Finding a dining table and chairs that are supportive and comfortable will make it more inviting. Even adding an armchair or couch into the room might make the room more functional instead of just at meal times.

Add Storage

Another problem with dining rooms is that they are either empty or full of junk. You carry food in, but then you will need to get the placemats, cutlery and other tableware out as well. If it’s cold for some reason and you nee a blanket you would have to go and find one in a cupboard somewhere. If you want to read a magazine or a book then you would have to go and find those in another room too. Using the space well and adding some shelving or storage will allow you to keep things in the room that you may need. For entertainment you would need somewhere for a stereo and also a bookshelf can add to the practical element of making it a functional room.

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