Mabel’s School Place Offer Is In!

Today is the day that we found out what school Mabel will be attending in September, along with the rest of you that have been waiting patiently since you applied. For us, this was in October.

Fortunately, we live in a small village that has a school just down the road, next door to where the girls went to preschool, and where they are attending the new nursery now. The school has never been oversubscribed so of course, we were quietly confident that Mabel would get her place there.

I have heard of many people that have to really fight to get the places for their children at the schools they want, and unfortunately, some people don’t even get their first, second or third choice. However, that is not our situation, but still, you never know until you get that email and it is still a nerve-racking experience.

 Mabel will be attending her first option and we are all over the moon. She might even be with Martha at times because the nursery at the school has the children in with the Reception Class at the moment. It might change in September but they will still be close which is such a great thing for me.

It will only be 6 months until I have to start the process again with Martha and hope that she would also get a place at the same school. But for now we are going to enjoy this new chapter and I have one very happy, make that two very happy little girls.

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