Who Gives A Crap Review (Reducing Our Plastic Waste)


The beginning of this year I stated we were trying to reduce our plastic waste, and while we are still trying to get to grips with what products we can change in our lifestyle, I thought I would share with you our thoughts on Who Gives A Crap toilet paper.

The company, if you don’t know about them, sells 100% recycled toilet paper, tissues and kitchen towels directly to your door. The rolls are ‘plastic free’ as each toilet roll is individually wrapped in paper and sent out in cardboard boxes. It’s all recyclable. Plus they donate 50% of their profits to provide toilets and sanitation in the developing world.

In January I bought my first box of 48 rolls for £36 (including delivery) and it was calculated that for 3/4 people in the household it should last around 12 weeks. I signed up to the subscription so my next box will be sent out to me just before the 12 weeks are up. You can also change the delivery based on how much you have used, so if you need it earlier or later than the 12 weeks, that is not a problem.

You are probably wondering whether it is worth the price of £36 compared to supermarket own brands and I have to say it is for us. Yes, it is more expensive, with us using the 48 rolls in 13 weeks, which works out at around 3.7 rolls per week, equating to approx £2.77 per week. Whereas, we were buying Aldi’s Toilet Paper (9 Rolls) for £2.09 which these would also last us a week, but regardless of now paying more, we have eradicated plastic packaging from this area in our household.

Even with us changing to Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, there is not much difference in price, only 68p more per week, but there is a massive difference to the environment when choosing plastic free and being a part of the change the company are trying to make in the developing world.

We are really loving this product with how thick it is as well as being larger, so each roll lasts longer. It also feels better than what we were using before and having it delivered to our door is an extra thing ticked off my shopping list each week. I do understand not everyone is able to afford or are willing to use it, but you can find other companies that are trying to reduce the use of plastic when it comes to their products. However, I do recommend just giving Who Gives A Crap a go and see how you get on. With my link, you can get £5 off, which any discount is a bonus.

*I purchased this product for myself. All opinions are my own.*


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