Choosing The Perfect Family Vehicle

When buying a new car there are lots of factors to consider to make sure you are choosing the right family-friendly one. So here are a few of the biggest factors to consider.


Making sure there is enough space is probably the most important factor when buying a family car. There need to be enough passenger seats, each with enough leg room as well as making sure the boot has space for bags, prams, bikes, all the lovely extra items that come with having a family. Cars such as the new Land Rover are very spacious in all departments and could be ideal if space is the priority for you. Check the measurements of the car before you buy because these larger cars might require a bigger parking space at home. 


When buying a family car safety is a massive concern for many people. A car model that has a good NCAP rating (this measures how safe it is in a crash) is a great way to start. Newer cars tend to be much safer than older ones and may have more secure seat belts and airbags. Certain makes such as Volvo are renowned for making safety a priority and could be a good choice.


A family car needs to be comfortable too. This extends beyond having cosy seats – having a few mod cons like air conditioning and a radio can be important too, especially if you are taking long car journeys. Cars like the Ford Focus tend to always be cosy and packed with the latest technology to make car rise entertaining. If you have a little more to spend then you might want to consider a Mercedes A-class, which is a family car with a cosy touch of luxury.


Easy access may be another factor worth considering. If you have got kids in a child seat, you may want to think twice about getting a coupe – getting them out could be awkward and you will have to keep repositioning your driver seat. A four-door car allows easier access and could be more convenient as well as cars that have sliding doors as well.


Of course with many things, it all comes down to cost and a family car needs to be budget friendly. On top of the upfront purchase cost, you need to make sure you consider the running costs. Fuel economy could be very important if you plan to do a lot of driving – having more weight on board means that you will naturally use up more fuel. As a result, try to avoid fuel guzzling cars. Many family cars are relatively cheap to insure (drivers with kids tend to drive more carefully and so there are fewer accidents), however, there may be some that aren’t, so always look up insurance rates before settling on a vehicle.

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