This Is Me. (Body Positivity)

My body as many women out there is my nemesis. Sometimes I love and sometimes I hate it. Of course, looking at pictures in magazines and on social media have us thinking we want to be like that and I myself think it at times. But just as quickly as those thoughts about being like an image, a size, a body type, go into my head, it soon leaves with the realisation that they are not realistic as it has been tweaked in many ways.

After having Mabel and Martha it is true my body never went back to what it was but that is the beauty of it. My hips are wider, I have stretch marks, scars, wobbly bits just about everywhere and my tummy muscles are still weak/non-existent, but I have 2 little girls running around enjoying life.

As mothers, we put too much pressure on ourselves to spring back into shape when really it’s important to just be comfortable with ourselves. There have been many articles stating that mothers these days are being lazy and not getting their bodies into shape after having children, and I don’t want to be rude but I stick two fingers up to you. Perfection and having a certain type of body is non-existent. It was before having children and it still is after.

Who cares that my body has changed, as long as I am healthy it does not matter whatsoever. I honestly praise so many influencers out there that promote positive body image and helping others being confident with who they are. So with that, I give you me, a 32-year-old mother to Mabel, 4 and Martha, 3, and this size 12 body that is forever changing. 


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