Transforming Your Home On A Budget

I don’t know about you but I have been dreaming of the perfect home for a long time, and we are currently saving up to budget for a full-scale renovation. In the meantime, there are a lot of changes and swaps we can make without learning any new DIY skills just yet. By focusing on the areas that draw our eye and annoy us the most allows us to pinpoint what needs our attention. Here are a few tips for those saving up or have a limited home improvement budget.

Soft Furnishing

The first thing to look at is the curtains and sofa covers. With a limited budget changing a sofa might not be doable, so what you can do is get a cover that will transform your colour scheme and allow you to make your living room look more modern. There are companies out there that create sofa covers that match your new curtains and drapes and create a colour scheme based on your soft furnishings.


If you decide that your sofa is not only looking tired but is also missing springs and is uncomfortable to sit, you might need to look around to replace it. Look for something that will transform your entire room and give your living room a focal point. Check out the latest Chesterfield sofa collections online, so you can choose the right shade, style, and size for your existing room.


Flooring is such a big thing that can let most living rooms down. You are supposed to change your carpet in heavy traffic areas every couple of years, but it is simply too much hassle. However, with carpets, they can collect a lot of germs and stains over the years, so it is time to look for a solution that is easier to clean and hardwearing. You can get hardwood flooring installed and invest in a rug that is easy to clean or alternatively if you have pets, you can opt for laminate or tiles. 


Usually, the first thing people see when they enter your home is likely to be your staircase in the hallway. (If you have a bungalow like us then this won’t be a problem.) If you have the original design of the stairs with old rails then a good idea would be to look for new rails and posts. By changing this will allow people to get a great first impression when they visit.

Hallway Furniture

Space, or lack of it, is always such a struggle with some houses, chances are that you will need lots of storage but without losing valuable floor space. If you can then invest in quality hallway furniture that can provide enough storage in order for your home to be organised and free from clutter. There are some great items that can store shoes and coats, then just add a mirror, a seat, and display family photos to really make use of the space.

If like us you want to improve the space you live in, then start off small instead of getting into debt by jumping straight into renovation projects. Focus on the above areas to make the most impact at the lowest cost, and save money.

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