Get Colourful With Your Interior Design This Season

You may have noticed there has been a trend for minimalism in interior design lately; lots of white and a focus on the idea of ‘less is more’. With minimalism you can have a lot of fun with it, especially when there is a focus on eco-friendly materials like rattan or bamboo on the cards, but what about all of us who are missing a bit of colour in our design? Let’s take a look at some design ideas for those who just want to kick off their shoes and paint the town red.

Living Room

Red is a perfect colour to give any room a bit of a reboot; it symbolises strength and power as well as love, which then can create an air of productivity and energy. Having a red corner sofa is a bold statement piece that can do wonders for beautifying the living room space. If that might be a stretch too far then opting to paint part of the walls red and having red accessories or even neutral coloured walls against a red rug can bring the space alive without being overpowering or making the space appear smaller.


 Once the living room is all spruced up you’ll want some ideas for the bedroom. Again, be careful about using too much red as it can make your space feel smaller. Depending on the size of your bedroom, try adding red accessories like cushions or throws as these will give you that pop of colour that is needed. White against bold colours can look amazing, so if red really isn’t your thing, why not try a royal blue or a mustard yellow? If you can find eco-friendly material for your accessories, all the better. A bedroom is also a great place to add a plant to purify the air and lift your mood.


 Red is usually not used when it comes to a kitchen, yet with using the colour for cupboards or splashbacks it is hard to understand why! It can be matched with shades of grey, white or black, and can create an eye-catching look that sets your kitchen apart from the crowd. Guests are sure to be wowed at your next dinner party with a design work like this. If you don’t feel that this is the look for you, why not simply try some red roses on display or a red and white checked tablecloth for a more traditional feel. 

Changing up the interior design around your home will take planning. First, you will need to decide if it’s a full-on renovation that you need or just a few accessories. It is helpful to have a budget in mind for each room so that you don’t break the bank! It is also a good idea to do a little research into different looks and have a vision in mind before you start making purchases, this way you will make sure that you don’t have anything clashing.

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