No, I Do Not Want A Dog

There have been talks for some time now, and when I say talks it’s basically Doug and the girls constantly asking me about getting a dog. Or as I like to put it, Doug telling the girls to ask me. Each time my answer is the same and that is NO.

It is not that I hate dogs, quite the opposite I do really like them. I have grown up with all sorts of animals including puppy Newfoundlands and very much loved having them around, but right now in my home and in my life I do not want one.

Doug loves to tell me having a dog would be ‘fun’ and that the girls can learn about the responsibilities of caring for a dog. He also likes to point out about the love that our youngest, Martha has for dogs, plus he sees a dog as a buddy to take down to the pub or haveĀ an excuse to get out of the house with it.

How I look at it, Doug works in London and is gone for 14 hours a day, which means I would be the one come rain or shine that has to take the dog for a walk, but not only that have to take the girls with me. There is also the extra expense of feeding, caring for it, and what if it got ill or injured, vets fees are extortionate and I can really see that money being used elsewhere.

Yes, Martha has this absolute adorable obsession with dogs and I can see how it could be ‘fun’ to get one and how it could fit in within the family. However, the girls being so young and not able to take on certain responsibilities I feel would just get all on top of me. Even if Martha is sweet when she goes “ooooh doggy, how cute, what’s it’s name”.

Of course, this is just my feeling right now at this time and I have no idea if it will ever change in the future, but for me, all I can say is, ‘No, I Do Not Want A Dog’.

I really don’t think I am alone in this and feel this battle happens quite often within families. Tell me if you are/have gone through the same, and who won in the end?

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