Tips For Flying With Children

A couple of weeks ago we took the girls on their first family holiday abroad and I shared with you what we took in the girl’s hand luggage. It turned out to be a massive success and I need not of worried too much in the first place. I thought I would share some tips if you too are looking to travel with children.

Make sure that in the children’s hand luggage you have packed everything the children will need, not just for the flight but the waiting around at the airport. Snacks, Activities, Nappies, Wet Wipes, Change of Clothes, Medicines, etc. It is always best to take a couple of extras when it comes to snacks and activities. Trust me they are great bribes.

Layer Up
When travelling to another country have a look at what the temperature will be and pack layers accordingly. With coming from a cold England to a Sunny Spain I made sure to pack shorts and t-shirts as well as a swimming costume in the hand luggage. Upon arriving at the hotel and waiting around for our room to be ready, the girls were able to go straight in the pool.

Organise Using Bags
When packing everything in the hand luggage try putting items into smaller bags so that it will be easier to find things. On the flight, I made the mistake of throwing all the sweets in and it was difficult to find the lollies upon take off. Coming back I made sure to put all the snacks in a small bag which then allowed me to get them all out in one go.

Plan Around A Routine
If your child is in a routine and there is a certain time of day that they nap or have quiet time, then book a flight as close to this time as possible. The flight could then take part within their own routine. Our girls get a little grumpy in the afternoons if they are tired or bored, so I made sure to book both flights in the morning to make it an enjoyable experience for all.

Break The Journey Down
Whether you are travelling long haul or not it is always good to break up the time into smaller periods. Children often get bored easily so allowing them to pick a new activity or snack every 20/30 minutes will keep the excitement going for longer. Mabel was in her eliminate doing her number books and colouring in on the plane that it kept her quiet for a long time.

Research The Aiport and Airline
Have a look to see what the airport you are travelling from has to offer for children. Some might have a free play area or designated area for children to keep them entertained while waiting to board. Also, check with the airlines to see if they board children first. Some do, but on our Easyjet flight, they didn’t. Instead, we sat down where the children could play as we had allocated seating anyway and waited until the line decreased. It meant the girls were not standing and being kept still.

Pay Extra For Priority
I never thought to pay for extra for priority check-in on baggage, but upon looking at the queue at the airport when flying out it might be worth the money. Upon arriving at Luton Airport the queue was ridiculous and this was at 4 am, but fortunately, my auntie who works there arranged for us to be taken through priority and also through security. It was so easy and something I would be looking to pay for in the future.

Don’t Stress
Every parent wants things to run smoothly but as we all know there is usually something that happens to test us. However, take a deep breath and assess the situation because it is not going to be as bad as it could be. Also if you need help ask the airline crew because they can be extremely helpful. Our flight out Martha got a bit fidgety so I stood her in the aisle and having others on the plane interact with her made it such a lovely experience.

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