It’s The Summer Holidays

We are finally starting the Summer Holidays. Yippee, but how quickly does this year seem to be flying by! Exceedingly quickly for me.

I must say this week was pretty tough, not because it was Mabel’s last week at preschool, but because it seemed to be the week illnesses went around and Martha fell over and bruised both her knees and wrist. These things always seem to happen at the start of the holidays. Anyway, the girls both had their last day at preschool today so it is now 6 weeks with both of them being at home. Just look at how grown up they are on this final day.

Usually, I would be panicking and wondering how I am going to cope over summer, but not this time. Mabel starts school in September so I am going to soak up every second of us all being together and I am super excited about going on little adventures with them.

We have lots to look forward to with grandad’s birthday, day trips, overnight stays, playing with friends, a mini-break and also throwing in some lazy days at home playing in the garden. I am not sure whether I will get time for my blog as I will be trying to spend the days with the girls making memories, but we will see if I can get an hour or so in the evenings.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Summer too and have lots of fun and laughter with whatever you get up to.

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