Preparing Yourself For The Challenge Of Moving Home

Moving home is such an exciting experience. It gives you an opportunity to start a new life and create a new home that was even better than the last one. However, getting to that endpoint is stressful. We would all like to think it was as simple as packing up a few boxes, driving to the new house and then crashing on the sofa, but unfortunately, it’s not like that. It does take a lot of preparation to get a house move right and I should know seeing as we only moved into our new house 10 months ago. So here are a couple of different things you need to do if you want to prepare yourself for the challenge of moving home.

Buy a new home (and sell your old one)

Of course, this is an obvious part of moving because you can’t move without buying a new house. First of all, you have to pick what location you want to be in. This became apparent to us as we were looking that we only wanted to move to one village and it would be where the girl’s school is. Maybe this is made easy for you because of a new job, or you already have an idea of where you want to go because you’re only moving as a result of your family outgrowing its current house. Whatever the situation, you still need to give a lot of thought to this purchase. Think about more than just the property itself. Make sure the area is well-suited to you and your family. Think about your priorities. Are you close to the important amenities? Is the community right for you and your family?

As for selling your old home, you need to maximise your profits. If you can increase the market value of your property, then you will have more money to put towards all the costs you’re going to face as a result of moving or any renovations you might have planned for the new home. There are plenty of simple and low-cost ways to increase the value of your property. You might want to open up some space. This won’t just make the place more spacious and appealing; it’ll also get rid of any indicators that this is someone else’s house. It’ll help potential buyers to imagine themselves living in that property. You could always look into storage units for your belongings. That way, you’ll have somewhere to keep them until you need to move. What I found really helped sell our house was to take a lot of clutter and personal belongings out in order for there to be more space and allow potential buyers to see themselves living there. It worked out well for us.

Moving your belongings.

The house move itself is probably the main thing on your mind. However, if you plan ahead, then moving day will be the most simple aspect of the entire ordeal. You just need to make sure you start packing well in advance. My husband was unsure about me packing months in advance but I think he will agree that it just made things run so much more smoothly. Also when your packing your belongings or moving them to a storage unit, this creates a perfect opportunity to get rid of things you have been hoarding for years and no longer need. The worst thing you can do is to bring clutter with you to your new home and end up with a household that looks just worn out and neglected for the first few weeks of living there. Getting rid of those excess possessions will give you a spacious and welcoming new property; it’ll save you money if you hire a moving company and possibly get you a cheaper quote, plus if you decide to do the move yourself you won’t be moving as many boxes and could potentially hire a smaller van. Saving money and time is as simple and straightforward as that. 

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  1. July 2, 2019 / 6:54 pm

    We have just moved house and I agree packing in advance really helps. It’s a great way to declutter too! x

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