I Joined A Gym

I joined a gym

I did it, I joined a gym.

It has been a good few years that I have wanted to join a gym, but with looking after the girls and hubby not getting back home until late at night, there hasn’t really been a time that I could go. Forward to now and Mabel starts school in September, plus Martha will be at Preschool 2 1/2 days a week, (we might push it to 3) and there we have it, plenty of time for me to go and get fit.

Of course, I have written in previous posts about loving my body after having children and having body confidence, but with that is also having the confidence to do something about my fitness, which I am indeed lacking. It will also be good to get more social with meeting people in the exercise classes. Plus I am hopeful that my stomach muscles will go back together from when they tore given birth to Martha.

The gym I have joined is only a 10-minute car journey away and it has all the things I need to get up off the couch and go. The gym area has lots of high tech equipment, exercise classes for all abilities, plus a swimming pool and spa. If one day I did not fancy having an active workout then I can jump in the pool, do a few lengths and enjoy the sauna.

Now, I have only had my induction so I will be starting in a couple of weeks when school starts back, but so far I am positive that I will stick to going. We will soon find out whether I love it and hopefully I can get into shape for our holiday in October.

Have you joined a gym or looking to join one?
Do you like it or is it some getting use to?

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