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Have you heard of Iron & Velvet? No? I didn’t until a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled across them on Instagram. I have been trying to reduce plastic waste and make changes within my household that will help the environment, which is why Iron & Velvets Water Soluble Cleaning Sachets jumped out at me.

Iron & Velvet produce plastic-free cleaning products by way of using water-soluble refill sachets that can be used in any existing spray bottle that you may have at home. This, therefore, eliminates the use of single-use bottles, or if your household is avoiding plastic altogether, you can use another container.

iron and velvet water soluble solution

When you receive your lovely little box full of these little sachets which can be posted through your letterbox, they come with a set of instructions, so you know how much water to add to each cleaning product. Not only that, but they also come with stickers for you to add to the spray bottles you intend to use in order to not cause confusion. If you do not want the stickers in your box, or you do not require them then you can make a note on the order to not send them out in your box. How great is that?

These water-soluble sachets are such a fantastic idea. Add them to warm water, shake and you have yourself a cleaning product ready to go. The company have a deal where you can get 5 sachets for £10, which is what I did. You can also sign up to a 1,2 or 3 monthly subscription service, which is something I might do in the future.

I picked the Bathroom Antibacterial, Kitchen Antibacterial, Glass & Mirror, Oven Cleaner and Floor Cleaner. I have only used a couple of these so far as I am still waiting to use up the remaining products I have in spray bottles, but the glass and mirror, and the bathroom antibacterial spray have worked an absolute treat. Not only does it do a great job cleaning, but it has a nice smell to it.

iron and velvet water soluble solution

Was it worth the money? For me personally definitely. The products so far are so much better, not just cleaning wise, but the fact that I am reusing the plastic spray bottles and the company are sending out non-plastic waste as well. It is just a win, win. They will also be creating Car Car and Garden cleaning products soon, so I cannot wait to try those out.

Why not try Iron & Velvets water-soluble cleaning sachets and reduce your plastic waste too. 

*I purchased this product for myself. All opinions are my own*

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