Mabel’s First Haircut

At the beginning of a child’s life, there are so many first’s such as the first words, first step, the first pair of shoes and possibly the first haircut. When it came to Mabel she just never really needed a haircut as a baby. It then grew into these gorgeous long ringlets.

At almost 5 years old, I thought it was about time that her gorgeous long hair needed freshening up. When it came to brushing her hair it had become a bit of a nightmare. The ringlets get knotted so easily and a couple of times have formed tiny dreadlocks. So, a friend of mine suggested booking Mabel in straight after her daughter’s haircut. She could then see how it’s all done and not get worried or scared about it.

mabel in the salon chair

Going to a salon/hairdressers is a new experience for not just Mabel but Martha aswell. I haven’t had my hair professionally done for 5 years so the girls don’t know what happens in the process. I must say that Mabel took to it so naturally. She loved everything about being pampered and never made a single bit of fuss. It was a luxury for her that she has not experienced and it was made better by being given a lollipop.

When her hair was finally done and blow-dried straight she just looked so grown up and it was quite emotional to see. She is this sweet little girl that is now about to enter that part of her life of starting school, being independent and now will possibly want to be pampered now and again.

Thank you to the lovely people at the Mirror Mirror Salon in Bedford for a wonderful experience. Hopefully, we will be back soon to repeat the process with not just Mabel, but Martha too.

first haircut

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  1. August 24, 2019 / 5:01 pm

    Aww! Such a big moment in a little one’s life!
    She looks adorable x

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