What Should You Throw Out During A Move?

Moving home is going to be a big upheaval in your life, and there’s no guarantee you’re going to be able to put everything into your new home because the layout will be different. This, therefore, means it is time to have a clear out to make sure there is room for improvement, and plenty of room for adding new pieces here and there – after all, you want to make sure your new house feels like a home!

So, here’s just a few tips for working out what you should throw away during a time like this. It might just help remove a bit of the stress that comes with moving on and help you to transition more smoothly. So, here’s just a few tips for working out what you should throw away during a time like this. Let us help you remove a bit of the stress that comes with moving on, and help you to transition in a much smoother manner.

throw out during a move

Clothes That You No Longer Wear

Clothes always have a use-by date on them, even if they are not perishable items, you will still find many pieces of clothing that are hidden away at the back of your wardrobe that hasn’t been worn for 3 or 4 years. We grow and change as we get older, and so do our tastes and style, therefore some clothes just can’t be worn anymore. Don’t let sentimentality get in the way! If they are of no use and you have not worn something in ages then it is just clutter, throw it out.

Of course, if the clothes you are throwing out are still in good condition, take them to a charity shop instead. But if they are holey and discoloured, be sure to throw them straight into the skip you can get from a bin hire, and don’t let yourself look back!

Outdated Tech and Media

A lot of old technology is no longer usable, and you’re going to want to throw them before moving into a new home. Items such as VCR’s and broken DVD players, as well as old computers and dead laptop batteries, can all be thrown out without thinking twice.

The same goes for any broken CD’s and records you still own – if they can’t be fixed, and they have been forgotten about till just now, the don’t deserve a place in your new home.

Of course, have a look online beforehand, to make sure you’re not throwing out an item that’s worth some money. You’re about to move home, and it wouldn’t be too smart to throw out something that could put some much needed extra cash in your pocket. 

Anything You’ve Never Ever Used!

It’s a common thing that most of us do, buy something and then forget about it and it never gets used. So if you find anything in its original packaging, or looks and feels brand new when you pick it up, throw it out. It’s of no use to you, never has and never will be. Plus it takes up room in the packing boxes and you will just find it becomes a hidden item again.

It is always worth looking online at selling sites to see whether you can sell it for some much needed extra money, or take it to a charity shop.

There are lots of things you can throw out during a move, but these are top of the list. 

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